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Attendees of Congressman Butterfield's first Jobs Fair in Henderson, North CarolinaCongressman Butterfield at the NC Institute of Minority Economic Development

Congressman Butterfield believes bold action is needed to bridge the gap between those looking for jobs and employers looking for skilled workers. Strengthening our competitiveness begins with providing North Carolinians with tools to succeed through expanding access to high quality education and innovative training programs. Doing so will grow the pool of highly skilled workers that companies are looking for to grow their businesses.

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Congressman Butterfield will continue to fight for legislation like the American Jobs Act, which will help strengthen our economy and build a better future. North Carolina’s unemployment rate has declined, but remains higher than the national average. Sustaining long-term growth will depend heavily on the nation’s ability to train a new generation of workers for highly skilled and technical jobs. Over the next 10 years, nearly half of all U.S. job openings will be for positions which require more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year college degree.  Many of those job openings will be in high-tech industries ranging from health care to aerospace.  Congressman Butterfield is a leader in promoting STEM education, supporting innovative public-private partnerships, and encouraging the use of modern technology in education and workforce training.     

To prepare students for these future jobs, higher education should be affordable and the burden of student loans must be lessened.  The rising cost of a college education continues to impede millions of students and families who rely on access to an affordable education to meet their long-term goals. Addressing college affordability will help provide relief for families and boost the state's economy.  Congressman Butterfield supports Pell Grants, federal financial aid, and research funding to provide high quality educational opportunities to all North Carolinians.

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