Grow Our Economy

Congressman Butterfield visits manufacturing facility


Congressman Butterfield is committed to the policies that will help grow our economy and produce job opportunites for the people of the First District and across the state. The strength and ingenuity of the First District can power North Carolina into a new era of prosperity.

'Make It In America'

Congressman Butterfield is dedicated to helping the American workforce by encouraging businesses to manufacture products within the nation and promoting the export of American goods. With this increase in manufacturing, Americans deserve a thorughtful energy plan that will not only supply its energy demands, but also create green jobs. Creating relationships between local and global businesses will produce opportunities for market expansion, innovation, and job creation.

Build a 21st Century Infrastructure

To remain competitive in today’s global economy, North Carolina must become more connected by investing in modern transportation infrastructure.  Congressman Butterfield supports maintaining and improving all modes of transportation from highway and rail to airports and seaports.  The First District is strategically located on Interstate 95 and is close to major ports such as Wilmington, and Norfolk, Virginia. A connected North Carolina provides job opportunities, strengthens commerce, and creates a stronger global economy.

Invest in Rural Communities & Protect the Environment

As a senior member of the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology for the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Congressman Butterfield has worked hard to provide high speed broadband to rural communities in the First District so residents are able to compete in the global marketplace. Congressman Butterfield also recognizes that strengthening the transportation infrastructure in rural communities in eastern North Carolina is key to economic development. Additionally, providing agricultural producers with access to world markets, employment increase, federal assistance and new methods of production are critical if rural communities like many in the First District are to thrive.