Representative G. K. Butterfield

Representing the 1st District of North Carolina


Expand Opportunity

Congressman Butterfield with an elementary school student


Congressman Butterfield believes that hard work and responsibility should be rewarded. The people of the First District deserve equal and fair access to the tools and opportunities that allow them to compete in the global workforce, earn decent wages, and have a fair shot at obtaining the American dream.

Improve Education and Give Children a Head Start

As the son of a school teacher, Congressman Butterfield knows that education is the best investment we can make in our nation’s future.  Early childhood programs such as Head Start and quality primary education will give children the solid foundation to compete in the global workforce, earn fair wages and lead our nation forward.

Train North Carolinians for Jobs of the Future

Congressman Butterfield believes bold action is needed to bridge the gap between those looking for jobs and employers looking for skilled workers. Strengthening our competitiveness begins with providing North Carolinians with tools to succeed through expanding access to high quality education and innovative training programs. Doing so will grow the pool of highly skilled workers that companies are looking for to grow their businesses.

Promote Women’s Economic Agenda

Congressman Butterfield is committed to breaking down the barriers to equal pay and employment for women. True opportunity requires that all people, regardless of their gender, have equal access to the rights, benefits, and opportunities defined by our Constitution. Congressman Butterfield supported President Obama in passing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, which provides a remedy for women and men who have been victims of pay discrimination.

More on Expand Opportunity

Congressman Butterfield talks with VGCC students

May 10, 2017 In The News
Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Butterfield talks education, politics at HCC

Apr 13, 2017 In The News

Each year a new group of people gains the right to vote, becoming politically active and forming the generation who will determine the future. In an effort to reach out to these young and upcoming voters, Congressman G.K. Butterfield visited Halifax Community College to dispense knowledge.

Butterfield, D-N.C. 1st, began his talk to the 240-strong assembly by explaining the duties of Congress as well as the concept of budget deficit, laying the groundwork for the rest of his speech.

HUD secretary applauds public housing broadband initiative

Oct 4, 2016 In The News

Thirteen-year-old Christopher Richardson doesn’t have internet access at home. The Forest Hills Middle student uses the internet at a community center for free to complete his homework online. His mother, who is working to secure him and his brother a better future by attending school herself, can’t afford it. 

But that is about to change for Christopher and his family. 

Airport gets $2.5 million for runway upgrades

Sep 22, 2016 In The News

Shannon Keith

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Federal Aviation Administration is investing $2.5 million in the Pitt-Greenville Airport to fund infrastructure improvements and upgrades at the airport, the facility’s executive director said.

Betty Stansbury discussed the federal grant during Wednesday’s Pitt-Greenville Airport Authority Board meeting. “The paperwork arrived this morning for the grant,” Stansbury said. “Last month, the board authorized me to accept the grant.”

Butterfield Leads Discussion on Helping Those Previously Incarcerated

Mar 29, 2016 In The News

VIDEO: Becoming a productive member of society again can be difficult for some. Congressman G.K. Butterfield joined other community members and officials in an open discussion about that in Greenville.

Congressman Butterfield talks jobs in Greenville for formerly incarcerated

Mar 29, 2016 In The News

Getting people who have been in jail, into the workplace, brought First District Democrat Congressman GK Butterfield to eastern Carolina Tuesday. 

Congressman Butterfield was at the Strive Center on West Third Street in Greenville for his third forum of five across his district. 

He talked about working together to ensure that formerly incarcerated people have an opportunity to get back into the work force.