Investing in Rural America

Grow Our Economy & Create Jobs

Congressman Butterfield is committed to the policies that will help grow our economy and produce job opportunities for the people of the First District and across the state. The strength and ingenuity of the First District can power North Carolina into a new era of prosperity.
Expanding Opportunity

Expand Opportunity

Congressman Butterfield believes that hard work and responsibility should be rewarded. The people of the First District deserve equal and fair access to the tools and opportunities that allow them to compete in the global workforce, earn decent wages, and have a fair shot at obtaining the American dream.
Ending Poverty and Hunger

End Poverty & Hunger

Congressman Butterfield understands that a weakened U.S. economy depresses incomes, strains households, and eliminates entire job markets, making it harder for families to stay healthy and provide for their loved ones. He will continue to protect and improve crucial safety net programs that help families get back on their feet after unexpected challenges.
Protecting Voting Rights

Protect Voting Rights

As former civil rights attorney and advocate of voting rights, Congressman Butterfield believes the right to vote embodies the spirit of American democracy. He works tirelessly to eliminate barriers that prevent North Carolinians from exercising their right to vote in free and fair elections.
Supporting our Military and Veterans

Support Our Military & Veterans

As a veteran of the U.S. Army, Congressman Butterfield believes we need to do more for our veterans and service members. One of the most important aspects of his job in Congress is to proudly represent and support service members and their families of the First District, which is home to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.