First District of North Carolina

Congressman Butterfield is honored to call the First District home - serving more than 733,000 residents. North Carolina’s First Congressional District is located in the northeastern corridor of the state and spans as far west to the city of Durham. It is comprised of all or part of 14 counties.

The First District is as diverse as it is historic. From the Halifax Resolves enacted by the North Carolina Provincial Congress at the start of the American Revolution to the struggle for civil rights, the counties that comprise this region have seen great change and progress.

The First District is also home to a broad range of sights and scenery. There are a great range of important institutions including Duke University, East Carolina University, and North Carolina Central University. And the popular burger-chain, Hardee’s, opened its first restaurant in Greenville in the 60’s. 

While scenically beautiful, it is the people of the First District that are our greatest asset. Learn about the Congressman's travels in NC.

6 Most Populous Cities

6 Most Populous Counties

Durham Durham
Greenville Pitt
Rocky Mount Wilson
Wilson Granville
Roanoke Rapids Edgecombe
Henderson Halifax


First Congressional District

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