Butterfield Says Trump’s Executive Orders Endanger Medicare and Social Security

Aug 9, 2020
Press Release


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) issued the following statement after President Trump signed shortsighted and dangerous executive actions: 

 “Before leaving for the Hamptons for a high-dollar fundraiser, President Trump has unlawfully signed Executive Orders that appropriate federal dollars without Congressional approval.  His actions are inadequate to meet the emergency needs of families, state and local governments, small business, and frontline workers. 

President Trump’s Executive Order will endanger the long-term stability of the Social Security Trust Fund. The Fund was facing a revenue shortfall prior to the Pandemic and now Trump’s actions will further deplete the fund.  It is foreseeable that the Social Security Trust Fund could run out of money within ten years which would reduce retirements payments by 31%. 

The Medicare program will also be weakened because of the Executive Order.  The Medicare program needs more funding.  The President’s action will result in less funding for Medicare which directly affects senior citizens.  Our seniors depend on Social Security and Medicare for their health and economic security.  If enforced, the Executive Order will create another national emergency.”