Butterfield Calls on Senate Republicans to Re-Open the Government

Jan 10, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DCCongressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) spoke on the House Floor today calling on Senate Republicans to hold a vote to end the partial government shutdown, which has now lasted for 20 days.

 Butterfield Calls on Senate Republicans to Re-Open the Government
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“Madam Speaker, today we enter Day 20 of the Trump Shutdown. 

President Trump has spent years as a reality television host, but unfortunately, reality is still not his strong suit. 

This week, President Trump abused the backdrop of the Oval Office to feed the American people divisive and distorted rhetoric, while still ignoring the reality that a wall is wasteful, impractical, and inconsistent with our values.

President Trump has tried to convince the American people that there is a crisis at our border. 

The crisis, Madam Speaker, is one of Donald Trump’s own making: a government shutdown that has gone on too long.

This is affecting real lives.

This is a humanitarian crisis.

Federal workers and their families – 80 percent of which live outside of the metropolitan area of DC – will go without a paycheck this Friday because of this shutdown. 

7,000 workers in North Carolina are directly affected by the shutdown.

Hundreds of thousands of public servants across the country are worried to death.

Senate Republicans have a choice.

Do your constitutional duty, Senators.  Do your job as a Senate.

Pass the House bills that we have sent over to you.”



On the first day of the 116th Congress, the House Democratic Majority passed a complete funding package with Senate Republicans’ language to re-open government.  Senate Republicans refused to bring that bill up for a vote.  This week, House Democrats are taking action to re-open all government agencies by passing individual, bipartisan appropriations bills to meet the needs of American families, protect our borders, and respect American workers.