Letter: Butterfield, protests 'immoral'

Jun 12, 2013
In The News


I am certainly glad that I don’t live in the 1st Congressional District where G.K. Butterfield is the representative. He said he was going to join the NAACP in its Monday protests at the capitol. I am not sure that an elected official is legally allowed to join in on a protest against the government at any level. I tried to Google that question, but found no answer.

But I have followed this man’s voting record on Megavote and he has voted with President Barack Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 100 percent of the time. This man has the morals of a crook in my opinion and these protests should be renamed “Immoral Mondays.” For an elected representative to join such protests finally shows his true colors. He is a supporter of the takers at the expense of hard-working makers like me. If the people of the 1st District don’t vote this man out of office in 2014, then shame on you.

After 140 years of Democratic rule, the voters of this state decided that Republicans deserve a chance and elected them. Elections have consequences according to Obama. That works both ways. It is time for NCAAP North Carolina chapter President William Barber and Butterfield to get over it.