Congressman Butterfield talks jobs in Greenville for formerly incarcerated

Mar 29, 2016
In The News

Getting people who have been in jail, into the workplace, brought First District Democrat Congressman GK Butterfield to eastern Carolina Tuesday. 

Congressman Butterfield was at the Strive Center on West Third Street in Greenville for his third forum of five across his district. 

He talked about working together to ensure that formerly incarcerated people have an opportunity to get back into the work force. 

Butterfield says non-violent offenders like shoplifters and drug abusers need a second chance to turn their lives around so they can become productive citizens, but they need the tools first to get them there. 

He says, "Just to release someone from custody and put them back into the community without any ability to reconstruct themselves is nothing but inviting recidivism and the return to prison, so reentry is important." 

Butterfield hopes service providers and community leaders can work together to provide programs to help.