Congressman Butterfield holds town hall in Greenville

Apr 12, 2017
In The News

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - A packed house was in Greenville looking for answers on what is going on in Washington.
"I particularly want to hear what he thinks of the illegal strike to the Syrians," said Kim Koo, retired physician.

"I did want to hear his thoughts on Syria and the bombing last week and where the affordable care act will end up in the next few months or years," said Jarrette Pittman, Pitt County resident.
For more than an hour, Congressman G.K. Butterfield took those questions during a town hall at the East Carolina Heart Institute and answered them as best he could. He said holding discussions like this one allows the community to ask him the tough questions.

"Well part of my job description is to get out and touch the people I represent. I cannot just go on the internet and just assume based on the chatter what the sentiments are," Butterfield said.
In reference to the national issues like Syria and health care, Butterfield said not everyone agreed with the President and he wants the people to know the Democrats just don't have the votes.

"People want jobs, they want economic growth and we aren't going to have that kind of growth until the Republicans figure out we are not going to take this nation forward without investment in infrastructure," Butterfield said.
While Butterfield was not able to answer all the questions, the response from the audience was positive on his approachability and care about their concerns.

"Politics is politics there's a lot of dirty work going on that Americans don't know about but I'm glad he was able to come here tonight and give us a tidbit of what we can do in our local community to improve things in America," Pittman said.