Congressman Butterfield gives address in Greenville

Jun 3, 2016
In The News


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Thunderous applause was all that could be heard in the room as Congressman G.K. Butterfield stepped to the podium Thursday night

He has served as the U.S. congressman of District 1 for nearly 12 years. Dozens of his constituents came out to hear him speak on his plan for Eastern North Carolina.

He says as Pitt County and the city of Greenville continue to grow, there are more opportunities for job and infrastructure growth.

"Greenville is poised for greatness. You have an airport that could be developed into a real regional hub. You have a great transportation system like (Highway) 264 that will hopefully be an interstate highway one day soon," Butterfield said.

Butterfield also touched on the importance of public education and providing better resources for the students. He says in higher education ECU and PCC are two strong school systems that have been providing further opportunities for District 1 constituents.

Congressman Butterfield gives address in Greenville