Butterfield talks voting with Rachel Maddow

Aug 26, 2013
In The News

A Wilson congressman brought his fight against North Carolina’s voter identification law to the national stage in a recent interview with cable commentator Rachel Maddow.

Rep. G.K. Butterfeld, D-1st District, told Maddow in a Thursday evening broadcast that the state’s election law changes are "all about suppressing the black vote.”

"It’s an embarrassment for our state,” Butterfield said during an interview on MSNBC’s "The Rachel Maddow Show.” "We are not that type of state.”

Maddow interviewed Butterfield on location at Elizabeth City State University, where student Montravias King was barred from running for a city council seat after the county elections board chairman challenged his candidacy, arguing that dormitory-dwellers don’t meet the residency requirement.

"It appears this is the beginning salvo of massive challenges to college students voting in the communities where they attend school,” Butterfield told The Wilson Times on Friday. "We fear that it’s going to keep going on right across the state.”

King, a Snow Hill native, was featured in a previous segment on Maddow’s show. The 2-1 decision to take his name off the ballot followed party lines on the Republican-controlled Pasquotank County Board of Elections.

Butterfield said the challenge to King’s candidacy and the election law North Carolina passed this summer show a pattern of behavior by GOP leaders to discourage African-Americans, Hispanics, college students and the elderly from voting.