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Make it in America logoCongressman Butterfield speaking with some of his constituents

Congressman Butterfield is dedicated to helping the American workforce by supporting policies which encourage businesses to manufacture products domestically and promote the export of American goods. Creating relationships between local and global businesses will produce opportunities for market expansion, innovation, and job creation.

You Should Know

Congressman Butterfield is committed to supporting small businesses and President Obama’s plan to save and create millions of jobs. He actively hosts job fairs and backs legislation that benefits America's workforce.

Obama's job plan includes:

  • Adopting and pursuing a national manufacturing strategy
  • Promoting the export of U.S. goods
  • Encouraging businesses to bring American jobs and innovation back to the United States
  • Training and securing a 21st century workforce
  • Encouraging consumers to "Buy America"
  • Standing up for North Carolina businesses by opposing unfair trade practices and substandard labor conditions in foreign countries
  • Supporting a national freight network and strengthening the transportation infrastructure of eastern North Carolina to improve the flow of goods and services

Congressman Butterfield is working to restore Federal unemployment benefits for North Carolinians, provides to hundreds of residents opportunities for employment at his annual job fairs, and join other congressmembers to call for state legislative action.

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