Improve Education and Give Children a Head Start

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As the son of a school teacher, Congressman Butterfield knows that providing a quality education to our nation’s young people is the best investment we can make in our nation’s future.  Early childhood programs such as Head Start and quality primary education will give children asolid foundation to compete in the global workforce, and lead our nation forward.

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Congressman Butterfield understands that long-term success depends on quality education beginning at an early age.  Because of that, he has opposed Republican cuts to Head Start education and supports President Obama’s plan to provide high-quality preschool to every child in America. Congressman Butterfield is also a strong advocate for affordable, safe, quality child care which is important in childhood development and parental support.

Congressman Butterfield helped North Carolina secure nearly $70 million for early childhood education through a Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge grant.

K-12 education is also critical to preparing North Carolinians to be leaders in their communities and in our society. Congress must ensure that K-12 institutions have all the resources they need to guarantee quality education and give all students equal opportunities to succeed. Congressman Butterfield strongly supports Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which provides financial assistance to school districts with significant populations of low-income families.   

Quality education begins with quality teachers. It is critical to attract and retain high-quality educators in our state and that is why Congressman Butterfield introduced the SERVE Act (H.R. 2881), which encourages quality teachers to stay in their communities and to help ensure our kids receive the quality education they deserve by providing additional loan forgiveness support to our most dedicated educators, particularly those serving in low-income schools. Congressman Butterfield is also an original cosponsor of the Keep Teachers Teaching Act (H.R. 2878), which would make states or school districts eligible for federal grants to develop innovative teacher retention programs, such as the Kenan Fellows program administered by North Carolina State University.

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