Recognize & Honor Merchant Mariners

Congressman Butterfield taking a photo with soldiers

Congressman Butterfield is committed to honoring the brave men and women who served our country in the Merchant Marine during World War II and have gone unrecognized for their service.  Through no fault of their own, these selfless individuals have been unable to prove their service in the Merchant Marine because the documents needed to prove service have either not survived over time or never existed at all.  Congressman Butterfield believes now is the time to stand-up for these great Americans and give them the recognition they rightly deserve.

You Should Know

Congressman Butterfield worked relentlessly to pass the World War II Merchant Marine Service Act of 2013, H.R. 1288. Congressman Butterfield has been successful twice in passing his World War II Merchant Marine Service Act during the 113th Congress in the House of Representatives.  It was passed as part of a larger veterans benefits bill, H.R. 2189, and, most recently, as part of the National Defense Authorization, H.R. 4435.  The World War II Merchant Marine Service Act allows Social Security Administration records, validated testimony by the applicant or the closest living relative, and other official records to provide sufficient proof of service.

Congressman Butterfield is dedicated to honoring these unsung heroes, many of whom paid the ultimate price while defending their country.  These men and women answered the call to serve when our country needed them the most and they deserve to be honored for their sacrifices.

Butterfield Takes Action

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